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Subtec BMS-C (A.W.S. F7A2-EM12K)


Basicity Index: 0.5



This is an active or acid agglomerated submerged arc flux containing Manganese and Silicon. Generally used in conjunction with S2 welding wire, this flux has excellent slag release which is especially beneficial when welding in deep grooves or in applications where heat is an issue. This flux deals well with impurities and leaves a smooth weld appearance with an even ripple.


Typical Chemical Analysis of the Weld Metal (With Subtec S2 Wire)













Typical Mechanical Properties of the Weld Metal (With Subtec S2 Wire)











Packaging and Control

Subtec BMS-C is manufactured in the grain sizes of 12 x 50 mesh. It comes in multiple layered paper sacks of 25kg. One of the layers is plastic coated to act as a moisture repellent. All agglomerated fluxes should be stored in conditions of less than 70% relative humidity. Welding with damp flux can also cause porosity. Re-drying of flux that is suspected of being moist should be done for approximately 2 hours at about 300°C at a flux depth of about 25mm.

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