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About Us

Founded in 1982, Vorarc Welding has grown from a small reseller to the only manufacturer of submerged arc flux and wire in Africa.


In 1982, Vorarc Welding began selling welding consumables from a small rented premises. Over the years the company expanded its product offering and eventually became a manufacturer when it started producing submerged arc wire. From there, a submerged arc flux plant was designed and built by the company and submerged arc flux development and manufacture commenced. Extensive research and development in this field means that Vorarc Welding now supplies an extensive range of submerged arc fluxes used in a variety of applications ranging from cladding to structural steel manufacturing.


Eventually a welding rod extruder was acquired which lead to the production of a large variety of welding rods including mild steel and specialised electrodes such as stainless steel, hardfacing and Nickel Manganese alloys.


Continuous product development ensures that the company's products always meet the requirements of the market. Development of submerged arc welding flux is continuous. Quality management practices are adhered to at all times in order to provide consistent quality in product and service.

Testing Welding Rods
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