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Duratec 400



Duratec 400 is an electrode containing chrome and manganese. The electrode deposits a tough weld metal that is hard enough to resist serious deformation under fairly heavy impact and rolling loads. The weld metal is suitable for metal-to-metal wear where mild abrasion and impact loads are present. The electrode can be used for building up multilayer deposits.


Weld Metal Hardness

32 - 40 Rockwell C



Typical applications include: tractor idlers, track rolls, dragline pins, drive sprockets and gears, cable sheaves, hot metal or slag ladle pins etc. It is also suitable for applications where maximum hardness together with machineability is required (machining with carbide-tipped tools only).


Current Parameters









Electrodes are packed in 5kg boxes which are then packed into 25kg shipper cartons.


Re-Drying Procedure

Place electrodes in an oven at 100-120°C for 1-2 hours.

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