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Duratec Mn



Duratec Mn is a manganese enriched electrode that deposits 12-14% Manganese. It is used primarily in the resurfacing and buiding-up of Hadfield’s steel parts. The electrode is recommended in the recovery of imperfect manganese castings where the weld deposit has the same mechanical properties and excellent abrasion resistance as the casting (austenitic manganese steel).


Weld Metal Hardness

23 Rockwell C

48 Rockwell C (if work hardened)



Typical applications include: Hadfield’s castings, crusher jaws, rolls, earthmoving equipment etc.


Typical Chemical Analysis of the Weld Metal


















Current Parameters









Electrodes are packed in 5kg boxes which are then packed into 25kg shipper cartons.


Re-Drying Procedure

Place electrodes in an oven at 300°C for half an hour.


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