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Duratec HCrC



Duratec HCrC is a high chromium enriched electrode. The electrode deposits a relatively low impact and highly abrasive resistant weld metal. No more than one pass should be made, unless impact loading is small. The deposit is not machineable.


Weld Metal Hardness

50 - 60 Rockwell C



Typical applications include: welding parts used in the clay and ceramic industries, mixer paddles, forcers, scraper bars and parts subject to scratching wear from materials with high quartz content.


Typical Chemical Analysis of the Weld Metal


















Current Parameters









Electrodes are packed in 5kg boxes which are then packed into 25kg shipper cartons.


Re-Drying Procedure

Place electrodes in an oven at 350-370°C for 1-3 hours or 250-280°C for 2-3 hours.


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