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Basitec (Low Hydrogen - AWS A5.1/A5.1M: 2004 E7018)



Basitec is a lime-ferritic, low hydrogen electrode. Highly suited for welding high-tensile steels, castings and for all work where high stresses are involved. Basitec has a deposition efficiency in excess of 115%. 



Basitec can be used in the welding of high tensile steels, free cutting steels, highly stressed parts, castings and dissimilar steels. 


Typical Chemical Analysis of the Weld Metal
















Typical Mechanical Properties of the Weld Metal

















Current Parameters









Electrodes are packed in 5kg boxes which are then packed into 25kg shipper cartons.

Re-baking and Re-Drying Procedure

To re-bake Basitec, place electrodes in an oven at 350-370°C for 1-2 hours. To re-dry keep in holding oven at 250°C.

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