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Africa's largest manufacturer of submerged arc flux and wire

submerged arc flux stock
Drawing of submerged arc wire

Vorarc Welding manufactures submerged arc wire and submerged arc flux, MMAW electrodes and distributes MIG welding wire and other welding consumables and parts.


Established in 1982, Vorarc Welding offers excellent service and assistance to its customers, helping them to identify the products required as well as to resolve any issues that may be encountered during their welding procedures.


Years of formulation and product development of welding rods and flux as well as strict quality control procedures mean that Vorarc Welding is able to offer excellent quality products. Prices are always very competitive as raw materials are primarily sourced locally and procedures are continually optimised to ensure effective cost management.


Mechanical descaling of submerged arc wire
Coppering of submerged arc wire
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